HMC Öhringen - Successful club work

The Hohenlohe Motorsport Club Öhringen e. V. celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2017 and has earned a good reputation in the past.
As a local club of the ADAC, the HMC has held many motor sport events in these 60 years.
The Unterland-Hohenlohe evaluation drive, also known as "Hohenloher Monte" by participants, is a motor sport event appreciated by rally teams.
HMC's veterans' drive is an integral part of the calendar for many classic car owners.
In the early years, motorcycling was very important in club life alongside automobile racing. Due to the rapid increase in passenger cars, they increasingly shifted from sporting activities to automobile racing.
Our members have always successfully participated in rallies, mountain races, circuit races and automobile slaloms.
However, not only license holders have found a field of activity at HMC. After founding a youth group, young people can also compete. In the beginning it was still bicycle tournaments, but after the advent of karts it is now kart slaloms, in which young people can learn how to use motorized karts and demonstrate their skills. From the age of 16 they can already take part in automobile slaloms as part of the ADAC Slalom Cup can.
All of this success would not have been possible without the committed cooperation of the members, to whom we sincerely thank them.